Website Design: 6 Essential Steps

We have a confession to make. We tend to get out our soapbox anytime someone says that they want a website, and they want it to be pretty. We then step up on said box and dramatically shout for all to hear, “But wait! There’s so much more to it than that! Don’t settle!” Okay, we don’t do that in real life, just in our heads (#filter).

Why? Because we believe in strategy before design. Every. Time. Each phase of the website design process should build upon the strategic foundation laid at the very beginning.

And yes, of course we love a beautiful website (and could whip one up for you, NBD), but glamour alone doesn’t pay the bills.

The real money maker is what’s underneath that shiny hood. The SEO, keyword usage, CTAs, form design, CRM integration, mobile responsiveness and intuitive navigation (now these are truly things of beauty). We could go on…we’re a bit passionate about this.

At Raven Creative, we follow these six website design steps (download guide) to ensure that the final product not only looks great, but also measurably improves your business.

We’ve said it before and will again (but probably not on an actual soapbox), we’re team brains AND beauty. Let’s create something brilliantly gorgeous together and watch that bottom line grow.