The One Thing We Do for Every Client

Having designed countless websites and brand identities, we’ve carved a familiar path for each one. Every project goes through a similar set of steps, and each step has its challenges and ah-ha moments, and builds towards something great.

But they all start somewhere. And it’s that starting point – the foundation – that we believe is the most important part of the project, and one that we always work to perfect.

What makes up that foundation? For every project we work on, we start with your why, your goals, and your audience. And we spend loads of time making sure that these pieces are clearly defined and aligned with each other.

Your Why

Most people labor over the decision to redesign a website or launch a new brand. It’s not something that happens overnight, and there’s usually a lot of thought that goes into both the decision to start anew and finding the right partner to help you get there.

We dive deep into the “why” of engaging in the project. Sometimes the decision is rooted in launching a new product line, sometimes it’s reaching a new market. Sometimes it’s less clear, but we ask questions until we get there, because knowing why we’re all working together helps us understand and define what comes next.

Your Goals

We get specific on goals. Going deep on goals helps us create a solution that actually accomplishes them. Often, talking through goals reveals that the real need is different than where we started. We uncover new functionality requirements, fresh strategies and different audiences in the process. All of this helps create a holistic message that truly answers a need for your business and your customers.

Your Audience

We encourage all of our clients to get specific with defining their ideal audience. We believe firmly in the theory that when we try to appeal to everyone, we end up appealing to…no one. Defining our target market in terms of an actual target profile helps us create a message and style that they’ll respond to.

We Do Things Differently

We’re often anxious to jump to designing, but experience has taught us that laying a great foundation from the start pays off in the end. When your why, your goals, and your audience are clearly defined, it provides a great roadmap for the rest of the project, leading to a final product that’s both beautiful and highly functional.