The Ultimate Call to Action Wingman

Some things just go together: Peanut butter and chocolate. Mornings and coffee. Oprah and Gayle. Beyond their compatibility, they actually make each other better. The same is true for a brilliantly-crafted call to action (CTA) and accompanying web contact form. With their powers combined, the potential for quality leads will have you happy dancing your way to your next board meeting.

Here are some insights on how to maximize the pairing, like a fine wine and cheese (ooh, that’s another one!).

CTAs: The interest piquer

Don’t water down the effectiveness of CTAs by overusing them. Ask yourself, what is the one action I most want my audience to take? That’s where you put your focus. CTAs should be clear and concise; packing a punch in few words. You can rely on other design elements to fill in the gaps and give more context.

For example, if I own a real estate company focused on the niche of supplementary-income duplexes, a buyer CTA might include the text, “Higher income. Lower expenses. Know first when investment properties hit the market.” With an accompanying button that says, “Get text alerts.” This text overlay could be accompanied by bold photography of a happy compilation of move-in ready duplexes. The button aesthetics should make it the focal point of the page, making it impossible to miss.

Contact forms: The win-win equipper

There are many options of where to send your audience when they click on the magical CTA button. Why choose a contact form? Depending on how sweet your incentive for clicking is, both parties benefit from providing a little information. You should know your audience so well that you offer them something that their internal response upon reading is, “I must have this life-changing free resource immediately…heck yes I’ll give you my email address and answer a couple questions!”

When they fill in the required fields of the contact form (use restraint on how much you ask to still make it worth it), they receive access to whatever value-add tool, service or content that you have created. In turn, you have the inside track on a nice juicy lead to follow up on.

You: The lead-nurturing closer

Armed with a few breadcrumbs of data, you have a starting point to do a bit more research and have a personalized, meaningful follow-up conversation. It’s like starting on date number two instead of the super-awkward blind date. You already know something that is important to the individual, and you have the opportunity to honor their time and needs by cutting to the chase and demonstrating how you can help them specifically.

CTAs and web contact forms go a long way in helping to get the job done. If you need to add these tools to your box but don’t know where to start…we can help (and yes, if you click on that link it will absolutely take you to a contact form).