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Digital Marketing Plan

What is a digital marketing plan and why do I need one?

It’s not hard for our marketing efforts to feel wild, chaotic and a bit out of control. Tactics, channels and audience preferences are changing fast – getting started can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Every project starts somewhere, and it’s that starting point – the foundation – that we believe is the most important part of the project.


What makes up that foundation? Your why, your goals and your audience.

Our goals directly correlate to our why and audience, and thus need to dictate why we do anything. If an action, task or budget item isn’t aligned with a goal, then what are we doing? (Hint: Wasting time and energy.)


Your defined why, goals and audience work together to inform your comprehensive strategy. Putting in the time early to ensure clarity and key stakeholder alignment on these three elements will maximize your time and effectiveness later in a big way. And if you opt not to define these early and thoroughly, your net will be too big to catch any fish, or you’ll be fishing in the wrong pond altogether.


When crafting each part of your plan, consider the following:


  • Go deep on details. This isn’t one of those times when less is more – from describing a day in the life of your target buyer to meticulously dissecting business goals, details connect the dots from your audience to your offer.
  • What are your key messages? There are many ways to say the same thing. Varying the language of your key messages is a crucial part of making them stick.
  • What problem are you solving? Healthy businesses exist to solve problems. To drive any kind of action, you must firmly demonstrate a need and establish how that need will be met.
  • Why can you solve it better than anyone else? There seems to be an answer for everything. What makes your solution superior? Define your niche and lean into it hard.

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