Communications Strategy Template for Your Business

Raise your hand if you’re a word nerd! We’ve waving our arms wildly over here, so you’re in good company (if we do say so ourselves). In the vein of that nerdiness, we believe that if words are not intentional and serving a specific purpose, they’re not worth the ink, breath or typography.

When strategic, there is great power in verbiage. When it’s not, you could be screaming at an ultra-sonic level and still no one will hear you (and if they do, they’re not likely to care). Enter the good ‘ol communications strategy. While it can be a bear to develop (because it requires you to actually have clearly defined goals, objectives, audiences, messaging, etc.), believe us, it is well worth the time. We recently revamped ours and use it on the daily.

A cohesive communications strategy serves as a gut check for all players within your business, to ensure every employee, contractor, agency, etc. is working from the same playbook to maximize efforts. Everything you say and do as an organization should ultimately connect back to your business goals. When done right, the elements outlined in a communications strategy enable you to work smarter as an organization to ensure that connection and make the greatest impact.

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If you need a hand hammering out the messaging or other elements of your strategy, we know a few word nerds who would be up to the task.