Are You an Authority or an Amateur?

Have you ever judged a book by its cover?

Of course you have. We know we’re not supposed to, but we also know that it happens regularly. First impressions matter and can impact the conclusions our customers draw from the way we present ourselves and our business. More specifically, the creative we use to market our organizations is a sign of the value we can deliver to our customers.

Let’s dive into how our marketing and creative strategies are an indicator to our customers and prospects of our level of authority and expertise within our space.

#1 – Great creative allows us to share our messages to a wider audience.

It’s usually not possible to take every customer on a tour of our world class facilities, or give them an in-depth presentation on our business process. But that’s where solid marketing, desireable content, and fresh creative can step in.

The best creative strategies simply amplify and spotlight great business operations. Share on X

User-friendly websites, interactive videos, helpful infographics can all help amplify and spotlight great business operations, all available through a simple download or internet connection.

#2 – Well-designed content can do some selling for us.

And in a world where talk is cheap, it sure is nice when you can show expertise and authority, rather than just talking about it. Many successful businesses do this by providing the information that their customers are looking for, as part of the marketing process. Helpful guides, infographics, worksheets, questionnaires – all of these things, when delivered at the right moment in the customer journey, can help move your prospects along the path to purchase – without you needing to get involved.

If you haven’t made that investment yet, you’re not alone. There are plenty of successful businesses who are still dependent on DIY or template marketing materials. And continuing to depend on those materials doesn’t doom you to business failure. It does, however, mean you could be missing a big opportunity – an opportunity to educate, influence and win future customers.

#3 – Say it without saying it.

Most of us are in business to be the best – to be a leading authority in our respective industries. We don’t know any business leaders whose goal is adequacy or mediocrity! Many would agree that there is great value in being viewed as an authority figure, a leader – someone who can provide advice and help to the people (customers) who need it. But you can’t just say you’re the best…because your customers have surely heard that before. They’re looking for proof.

When you invest in a creative partnership that blends your business strategy with skillfully crafted creative, the results are marketing materials that express your position of leadership and authority in your space. The results of a creative partnership that works – those materials and strategies – let you capitalize on the opportunity to tell your customers and prospects that you’re the leader, the best in the business, without needing to say as much.

Are you deploying a creative strategy that amplifies your ability to be the best resource for your customers? What messages do your existing marketing materials send? Are you an authority, or an amateur?

Updated September 8, 2019. Original post published January 18, 2017.