Entrepreneurs & The DIY Gene

By nature, entrepreneurs and business leaders usually have the DIY Gene. (Note: We’re not geneticists, so we don’t know if that’s a real thing, but it’s a succinct way of communicating our point for the purpose of this post. So let’s go with it.)

The DIY Gene is that voice in your head that encourages you to hustle, go for it, and just get it done. Whatever the task is, you’re capable of completing it. If you don’t know how today, you’ll learn.

It’s an awesome quality to have when you’re trying to push through and get something to the finish line.

You Might Have the DIY Gene If…

People have probably asked you how you manage everything you seem to accomplish throughout the day. They admire everything that’s on your plate and how it all just seems to work out. It works out because you work hard. You never stop learning. You say, “Go for it!” when everyone else says, “No way!”

The DIY Gene is magical and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we love it and the passion it fills us with to go after our goals.

But is it always a good thing?

When we constantly lean into the tendencies of the DIY Gene, we find ourselves unable to focus on the tasks that amplify our best abilities. We experience the temporary paralysis of thought, not sure where or how to invest the limited time we have each day.

Ask yourself: Do you need to know the ins and outs of web development or brand identity to be successful in your space? Will learning this skill or program persuade more people to buy from you? Or, are they looking for someone who is an expert in the solution to their problem? (Yes! That’s it!)

Rethink Your Plans, Break Through Barriers

The vision you have for your business is wide and long. You know the potential, and you can’t wait to get there. Maybe you feel like you can wait to delegate and outsource until you’re closer to “there.” But here’s a few reasons you might want to rethink your plans, and consider a creative partner right now:

  1. Remove the Learning Curve: Even the simplest creative tasks have a learning curve. Working with a creative partner from the start both eliminates that barrier, but also the clutter created in your mind by learning that new tool or skill, allowing you to focus on your core business. A creative partner can also help you spot opportunities or problems quickly, as they have the benefit of past experience, often our best teacher.
  2. A Fresh Perspective: Have you ever thought through something perfectly in your mind, only to have it turn out totally differently in real life? Who hasn’t, right?! Finding a creative partner who can help you consider a different perspective from a fresh point of view can be invaluable in the planning process. Which leads us to our next point…
  3. Voice of the Customer: Being the strategy-focused creatives that we are, our first thought is always the WIIFT question: what’s in it for your customer? What gets them excited about what you have to offer? It’s the first place a good creative partner goes, helping you to get beyond the financials or operations and focus on the most important element to your success – your customers.
  4. Show You’re Serious: Your customers make an investment in you. Give them confidence in that investment by showing you’re serious in how you present your business. Finding a partner who can translate your business strategy into a killer creative strategy goes a long way in showing your customers that you’re worth their time, attention, and investment.
Investing in strategic partnerships for your business doesn’t mean you’re giving up your DIY Gene. Click To Tweet

Investing in strategic partnerships for your business doesn’t mean you’re giving up your DIY Gene or the entrepreneurial spirit that’s made you successful. It’s a sign of growth and maturity, acknowledging that to reach the next level, next-level thinking and strategy is required. Taking the time to find partners who add skills and strengths to your toolbox can help you get there.

Not sure how to start the outsourcing conversation? Download our Cheat Sheet: Successful Marketing Outsourcing for Business Leaders. 

Updated September 29, 2019. Original post published February 26, 2016.