To-Do List Template to Track All the Things

Raise your hand if you could use a few extra hours in your day. Okay good, we aren’t the only ones with a lot going on. For the two of you who sat there, all “I’ve got nothing but time,” let’s be friends so you can teach us your curious ways.

When things get particularly busy around our office, we take a moment to blow off some steam through gif self-expression. Then, we get organized and start knocking out killer projects that land squarely in our sweet spot.

One of our favorite ways to get organized and stay in the productive zone is the beloved, simple to-do list. There are few things more satisfying in life that checking that little box signifying your latest conquest. And, when your list is sleek and offers a bit of design inspiration, that is icing on an already sweet cake.

If we’re speaking your love language right now, this freebie is for you. Download our to-do list template and start showing your day who’s boss.

And if you run out of lines because your plate is a little too full, consider adding another creative cook to your kitchen. Peruse our menu and put your order in today.