Meet Our Newest Junior Brand Marketing Coordinator

We’re excited to introduce our Junior Brand Marketing Coordinator Kaylee Halbert. A public relations and mass communications graduate, Kaylee found her passion for marketing while enrolled at Texas State University.

We caught up with Kaylee and put together some questions about her career to date, what inspires her and what she loves the most about being a part of the Raven Creative team.

What about marketing appeals to you? 

I enjoy marketing because it allows me to be creative, but it also challenges me in ways where I will continue to grow. I am able to touch on all different aspects of marketing including email campaigns, social media, websites and more. I have learned so much about client communication and how to boost a company brand overall.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

Although I look for inspiration in various places, the most common way I notice new ideas is through random things catching my eye in day-to-day life. Through my phone studying influencer reels, highlights and feed posts to find inspiration for the strategies we use for Raven Creative clients.

What makes working at Raven Creative special? 

Not only do I work with some pretty cool and creative people, but Raven Creative allows me to grow my marketing skills by working closely with our clients and creative team. Being new into the agency world, I wasn’t sure how I would be able to learn such new things so quickly.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about? 

I spend most of my time with the people closest to me and my golden retriever, Ada. We spend lots of time taking walks and exploring the best dog parks in town. I like to work out as well as find all the fun things there are to do in Houston. I really like traveling and seeing new places that I have never seen before.

If you could be any animated character, what would it be?

Although my favorite animated movie is Monsters Inc., my friends and family tell me that I remind them of Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. She is very smart, clever, and kind but is not afraid to stand up for herself and the people that she loves. She wants to step out of her comfort zone but is still cautious of what the world has to offer. And most importantly, she has magic hair!