Meet the Team: Raven

Ever wondered what the team at Raven Creative is really like?

Name: Raven Dreibelbis

Title: President and Founder

What Your Title Actually Means:

For me, being a Founder means you can do it all. At Raven Creative, that means strategic planning, design, development, copywriting and on and on. It also means understanding that to be successful, you personally cannot do it all. As President, I’m focused on creating systems for growing the business and building the Raven Creative team so that we can continue to provide unparalleled support to our clients.

Other Titles You Use in Life:

Mom/Mum/Mommy, Wife to Ryan, Crossfitter, World Traveler, Kindle-addict, Entrepreneur


Being Professional:

How did you get started in your career/area of expertise?

At the University of Texas, I majored in Radio-TV-Film Production. I think my dad knew I was a creative before I did – this was his idea! After school I started as a videographer, editor and designer for the US Pro Tennis Association and kept honing my skills from there on out.

What are some of your biggest professional victories?

I’m so proud of my work on the Belmont Village Senior Living “Voices” campaign. I had a hand in everything – from the campaign concept itself to photography/art direction to copywriting to the final, finished design. It was such a fun and fulfilling project to work on.

What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned in your professional life?

Never stop learning. Don’t let your ego get in the way. You can’t be good at all of the things all of the time – and that’s okay! That’s a big one – realizing that it’s okay if every single thing you do isn’t an award-winning masterpiece – you just need to get out of your own way and create.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

The shower! Okay, that sounds bit creepy – but it’s where my head is most clear and that’s when my best ideas come. During the workday, if I need to be creative, I’ve got to step away from my desk. A 20-minute walk around the neighborhood get’s my ideas flowing and I’m usually congratulating myself on some “genius” concept or another by the time I return.


What does being a creative partner mean to you?

It means you’re in it for the long haul. You’re not just there to do a project and move on. You’re truly invested in your client’s long term success.

What are your go-to resources for getting work done?

  • Project management – Asana! My world is way too busy — sitting down to a neatly organized digital task list helps me dive in as soon as I sit down in the mornings.
  • Music while I work – Spotify. Right now, I’m really loving their instrumental playlists for deep focus.
  • Can’t live without Adobe Creative Cloud for all things design.
  • The Action Book – this specially designed notepad provides space on each page for regular old notes, as well as a sidebar for ‘action items.’ So good!
  • Also, I’ve got a great notepad I bought on Etsy that says “Get Shit Done” at the top. That always makes me smile.

Getting Personal:

What’s in your purse?

Now that my kids are a little older, most days I carry a tiny little crossbody bag. So only the basics: iPhone, debit card, car keys, Fresh lip balm, gum. I travel light.


What does a typical morning in your house look like?

Alarm at 6:00 am, crossfit at 6:30. Kids are ready for school when I get back at 7:40 (thank you Ryan!) and off we go! Dropoff Ryan, school dropoff, coffee run and at my desk by about 9:00 (yes, I mix a shower in there somewhere).

That – ^– is the perfect morning. Other days I’m on conference calls as early as 6:00 am, which makes for a totally different daily schedule. Whatever the day is going to bring, I try to prepare as much as possible the night before. That, right there, is life as a working parent with two small kids. No preparation = looking like a fool. I once showed up to a meeting wearing only one earring. Seriously.

What traditions or routines are important to you?

Taking a few minutes each day to talk to God and give thanks for all of my blessings. A healthy and happy family, a career that I love. Life is so good.

Getting to the gym several days a week is essential to my physical and mental well-being.  

What’s your favorite app or tool for helping you do life?

The calendar on my iPhone. If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not real (#sorrynotsorry)!

What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

Sleeping in, snuggling in bed with the whole fam (Haden keeps asking for a ‘family sleepover’), then heading to the coast for a day at the beach!


What were you doing for fun in 2001?

I was a college freshman! What wasn’t I doing for fun?

What are you doing for fun in 2018?

Watching my sweet babies grow into emotionally complex, awesome little humans, traveling the world and learning so much about business, entrepreneurship and growth.

What’s the one thing you’re telling everyone about right now?

Raven Creative of course!

What TV boss would you want to work for?

Obviously Michael Scott on the Office. Do you even have to ask?