4 Signs Your Logo Needs a Refresh

A company logo is the most important visual representation of your business. Why? Because a well-designed logo defines your company’s voice and the overall experience with the brand itself. Your logo does more than make you look good. It can, and should, help drive the success of your key business goals by appealing to your target audience. Without knowing anything about your business, an individual can take one look at your logo and determine whether your company is modern or irrelevant.

When you have a deep understanding of your core business, your brand and logo connect with your audience and help drive your company forward. Ultimately, a strong logo positions your company as an authority in your industry, projecting expertise and instilling confidence with potential leads. Wondering if you might be due for an upgrade?

Here are 4 ways to tell if your logo needs a refresh.

Your logo is out of date

1. Your logo is out of date.

Take a look at your logo next to other companies in your industry – does it look stale? If you and your competitors were all established in 1970 and you’re the only one still rocking the same logo, it’s time for a refresh. Logos are not immune to trends, and what was once a modern and fresh design can lose its appeal over time.

Just as a strong logo positions your company as an industry leader, a dated logo can position your company as out of touch with the current market. If your logo is dated, a prospect might also perceive your company practices as obsolete.

Your logo is not scalable

2. Your logo is not scalable.

A logo should be easy to identify at various sizes. If it is displayed on a large printed banner, it should have the same quality and appearance as it does on a business card. When thinking about scale, something else to consider is how your logo displays across different technologies. Does it appear grainy or blurry as it increases in size? Is it responsive? In modern times there are more places than ever to display a logo, and it needs to be adaptable and appear professional wherever it is placed.

Your logo is complex

3. Your logo is complex.

Logos should be simple. They are not intended to express all that your company does in one image. The more information included in your logo; the more time it takes for your audience to process what they are viewing. In addition, complex images do not scale well when printed. Imagine your logo on a baseball hat – how does it look? Could it be recognized from a distance? Or would someone have to be right next to you to identify the brand?

Think about some widely recognized brands and their logos. The McDonalds golden arches are just an “M,” but can be easily recognized from a distance. Similarly, the black and white Nike “swoosh” can appear on its own without any wording and still be recognized. The best logos are clean and easy to identify.

Your logo is not relevant

4. Your logo is not relevant.

You don’t have to look like everyone in your industry, but you do need to speak to your target customer. If you are a coffee shop, your logo will look vastly different than if you are in oil and gas. A well-designed logo communicates why your business is unique and stands out amongst your competitors. Can your logo withstand years of change within your industry? A timeless and relevant logo will do just that.

At Raven Creative, we love assisting clients in logo design and creative branding. Below, we show a before and after logo design from one of our real-life clients, Ultrablend. Our team reflected on Ultrablend’s goals and values to deliver a final product that is memorable but simple. Ultrablend’s new logo is clean and easy to identify.

Logo Before and After

Wrap it up.

Your company logo creates an immediate impression and should cultivate a distinct presence that becomes recognizable to your customers. It is a vital piece of your company branding. When it comes to logo redesign, there is no specific timeline. However, taking a look at your current logo and referencing our tips above will help you determine if it is time for a change. Just as an outdated logo can represent outdated practices, a strong logo establishes a sense of trust and reliability with your target audience.

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