Brand Identity Before Content Strategy

We’ve been known to step on a soapbox or two, but it’s only because we care and want to shine the best possible spotlight on the incredible expertise of those we partner with. One topic that we can’t resist is the importance of establishing a solid brand identity, before focusing marketing efforts elsewhere.

The Problem

Many solid organizations are missing out on growth opportunities due to scarcity of time, expertise and resources. It’s the nature of the beast. We all have a lot of items to knock off our respective marketing wish lists, but in order to get traction, knowing what to prioritize is key.

Over the years we have had many conversations with clients and prospects who are interested in beefing up their social engagement and overall content strategy to drive more traffic to their website. Sounds great, right? And yes, it is – but there is a caveat.

It is only the best next step if an organization already has a solid brand identity in place.

A social media presence with amazing content only gets you so far if your brand looks amateur, not fully baked or just doesn’t accurately capture who you are as a business. Often, businesses in this scenario end up spinning their wheels driving traffic just to lose it when the intended audience doesn’t quickly connect with or understand the value the company provides.

You are an expert at solving your target audience’s problems, but if your brand isn’t polished and professional, it is difficult to back up the industry knowledge and expertise that you bring to the proverbial party.

The Solution

Invest your time and resources first into strategy. Decide who you really are and what your brand stands for. Maybe there is a disconnect between where you started and how far you’ve come, and it’s time for a rebrand. Maybe you never really established a framework to begin with. Wherever you land on the spectrum, it’s never too late to take ownership of your brand.

Here are a few ways that a solid brand identity propels your business forward:

You’ll look good. But that’s only the beginning.

The visual elements of brand identity are what you would imagine; colors, fonts, logo, etc. But a brand identity also defines a company’s voice, employee culture and the overall experience with the brand itself.

Increased visibility and recognition.

The overarching goal of branding is to cultivate a distinct presence and image that becomes recognizable to your target audience. Why? Because in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your brand identity can – and should – help drive the success of your key business goals by showing up in appropriate markets and appealing to your target audience.

Move the needle on your business goals.

Every element of your brand should align with your values and mission in order to deliver a clear message. If you have a deep understanding of your core business, your brand can be the bridge that connects you to your audience and helps drive your business forward.

The bottom line is you have something that the world needs, but the right people have to see it in the right light to know about it, let alone consider it as a potential solution. To drive results for your business, you need a uniquely-designed creative approach, grounded in good old fashioned strategy.

Is your brand identity where it needs to be? Let’s work together to get you there.