Client Story: Belmont Village Senior Living

Update: We are so excited to announce that Raven Creative client Belmont Village was recently recognized for the “Voices of Belmont” advertising campaign mentioned in this post, receiving a Gold from the National Mature Media Awards!

This recognition is a great example of what can happen when two organizations work in creative partnership together. Big congrats to all of our partners at Belmont Village! Y’all are the best!

The Stories of a Generation
When I was 21, I lost my grandfather to failing lungs and old age. I think of him often and wistfully recall our visits in his white, wood frame house in Hempstead, TX. In his small living room with the John Wayne portrait on the wall, Grandpa Durwood shared the stories of the Greatest Generation – his generation. It was then that I truly began to recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience our elders have to share; and what we can gain by listening.

BV_HEROESThrough incredible work on projects like American Heroes: Portraits of Service, Belmont Village Senior Living has memorialized the stories of their resident veterans, and our nation’s history, beautifully.

Belmont Village was born out of a personal need in the founder’s own family, and the essence of that journey lives on in the company today, evidenced by the uniquely personal relationships between Belmont Village residents, staff members, and yes — even the CEO.

Love Letters: Crafting the Message
When Raven Creative was tasked with developing a fresh, new ad campaign for the company, it was clear that telling the stories of Belmont Village residents could be a powerful path. But this time, it would be a different type of story. often we defer to the voice of the company. But the voice of the customer is louder – and more piercing. Share on X

When we work to develop marketing and advertising materials, so often we defer to the voice of the company. But the voice of the customer is louder – and more piercing. It was with this in mind that we began developing Voices of Belmont Village, a campaign that would speak directly to the pain, fear and frustration that are commonplace during the search for a senior living community.

To find the stories and quotes that would form the testimonial style Voices campaign, we combed through piles of handwritten “love letters” – real expressions of gratitude from Belmont Village residents and families. An adult child who watched her mother transform from withdrawn and weak to happy and vibrant. A senior woman who found comfort in a community of friends. A married couple who would embark on their senior living journey with a sense of freedom and excitement.

We saw the old sparkle return to our mom’s appearance.”

“The friends that I have made here have turned my life around.”

“We haven’t missed our house or car since we got here!”

“Dad looked forward to having his pancakes delivered with a smile and some teasing.”

“The staff was able to see through Dad’s dementia to recognize and appreciate his real personality.”

Not headlines drafted by a copywriter, but real, heartfelt declarations by the customers themselves.

As the messaging took shape, we traveled to Belmont Village communities in California where award-winning photographer Thomas Sanders photographed Belmont Village residents, living and breathing the stories depicted in our ads.

BV_fitadThe result? A breathtakingly honest  glimpse into the lives and stories of real families and the unique challenges that aging presents. By tuning in and truly listening to the stories their residents had to tell, we were able to help Belmont Village craft an incredibly powerful and instantly relatable campaign, deeply rooted in truth and authenticity.

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