15 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

Your to-do list is long, and only seems to be getting longer. Your company is growing, yet year over year your marketing team size remains the same. With each passing quarter you’re expected to do more with less. We’ve been there and know how frustrating it can be.

All that pressure can sure stifle creativity. And just when you think you’ve checked enough off your list to get out the door while there is still light on a Friday night, you remember that you haven’t scheduled next week’s social media posts (face palm). You rally, determined to power through and create some brilliant copy. And then…nothing. You can’t think of anything.

We’ve been there too. Do your future self a favor and bookmark this post to use as a lifeline the next time you find yourself in that situation…because we really want you to enjoy your weekend. Here are 15 social media post ideas for your business.

  1. A look behind the curtain: Highlight aspects of your business that no one gets to see. Provide a compelling photo and make the connection of how that piece fits into the story of your brand.
  2. A glimpse of the human side: No matter your industry, it’s okay to have a little personality. Highlight the random, funny things that happen around the office or out in the field.
  3. Introduce an employee hashtag: Help facilitate company pride and comradery by coining an employee hashtag like #RavenCreativeStaffLife, and encourage employees to post (appropriate and non-proprietary) photos of their workday (but be sure to have a social media policy in place first).
  4. Employee profiles: Get these into the mix regularly and vary the focus. Include positions from the assembly line, job sites, the boardroom, the lunchroom and everything in between, and highlight how that person is an integral part of the company’s mission.
  5. Profile clients and business partners: Celebrate the wins of those you do business with through shout out posts that detail an accomplishment and give insight into the relationship.
  6. Provide a snapshot of a case study: If you have killer photography on hand from a client shoot that you are leveraging for a case study or thought leadership piece, take a key quote or fact that can stand alone and pair it with a photo that doesn’t require much context. If possible, link to the full piece.
  7. Blog post teaser: Share compelling snippets of content from your company blog that entice followers to seek out the full post.
  8. Share photos from employees: Encourage employees to submit photos of the unique or inspiring things they see throughout the day, like the pair of armadillos that blocked the office driveway this morning, or the beautiful way the sunset reflected off an offshore rig.
  9. Live video Q&A: Tap and prep an approved spokesperson to facilitate a live Q&A session surrounding an initiative, product launch, event, etc.
  10. Live video tour: Go live and take your followers on a (controlled) tour of a “never before seen” area of your facilities/office building and share what happens there and why it’s important.
  11. Highlight community relations: Demonstrate the depth of your local roots by showcasing community partnerships big and small.
  12. Look to the past: Draw from compelling company history facts using #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday to do a side-by-side comparison of how operations have grown, or to tell the story of a long-time employee who has made a significant impact on the business.
  13. Seasonal posts: Have a little fun with your feed; share your CEO’s favorite recipe with a picture of her in the kitchen, take ugly sweater photos in cube land or show the spoils of an office white elephant gift haul.
  14. Showcase company values: Do you pride yourself on being a family company? Encourage employees to submit photos of their families enjoying seasonal activities. Have you built in amenities that make life easier for your employees? Share stories that demonstrate the difference it makes on an individual level.
  15. Industry insights: Share articles that are relevant to your audience and include a bit of unique company perspective.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…there’s a lot more where that came from. If you need help putting together a digital strategy for your business, we’d love to collaborate with you!