Hey, In-House Marketing Team! We Get You!

Most of us at Raven Creative have previously worked on an in-house marketing team, so our hearts are always receptive to the struggles, frustrations, ridiculous deadlines, and crazy requests y’all get on an all-too frequent basis.

No, you cannot edit that infographic in PowerPoint.

So, today we’d like to chat about some of the common struggles we know our in-house counterparts are dealing with, and how a creative partner can help you navigate through the frustration and give you a little peace of mind.

You know, until that unauthorized employee starts tweeting on behalf of the company again. We can’t quite help ya there.

Way Too Much Technology

Marketing has quickly moved from an art to a science. There’s a tool, hack, or app for anything you want to analyze. And a new social network springing up each week for any given target audience.

Keeping up with all the things in our industry is time-consuming and exhausting, but absolutely necessary if we want our marketing organizations to continue to positively impact our bottom lines.

A creative partner can help your marketing team understand what tools might work for your business, and are worth investing in to deliver results. And you benefit from their experiences with their network of other clients.

The Never-Ending To-Do List

Back when I was on a corporate team, I had days where I’d scratch out my to-do list on a legal pad and then need to walk around the building to calm the overwhelm in my stomach by everything that needed to get done that day.

I’d get back to my desk, and guess what? There was more to add to my list just waiting for me in my inbox! Forehead-to-desk.

Having a creative partner on standby can help you take your never-ending to do list from overwhelming to manageable. We’ll also help you look like a super hero to the rest of the company, too. 😉

Having a creative partner on standby takes your to do list from overwhelming to manageable. Share on X

Doing More with Less

My corporate experience often included having budget dollars to run a number of programs throughout the year, but rarely enough human resources to actually execute those programs effectively. Without a creative partner to help actually do the work, that money would just sit there.

Having a creative partner you can turn to when a new project is being discussed can help you say yes to new initiatives with enthusiasm – impressing everyone at the table with your excitement to try something new and get the work done!

Cumbersome Business Processes

One of the things I enjoy most about my business today is that things can only get as complicated as I let them. I’m in charge of my own red tape.

But that’s not what our in-house friends get to deal with. No, y’all are often stuck exerting loads of effort to get even the simplest tasks completed.

Working with a creative partner won’t change the fact that you need to involve Legal in content review or that IT has crazy rules regarding flash drives or file-sharing sites, but you’ll always have the comfort of knowing that real work is getting done, even if you’re stuck focusing on the internal crazy for that moment.

Are you with me?

If you’re on an in-house marketing team and have been nodding your head, go ahead and give us a call – we’d love to chat with you about how we can help.