Why Email Marketing is Still a Heavy Hitter in 2020

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One thing we can all agree on in life is that we get a lot of emails. And, because we also delete a lot of emails, you may be wondering if putting the time, talent and resources behind launching an email marketing strategy is worth it. Let’s start with some perspective:

  • Despite growing prominence of digital communication options (mobile messengers, chat apps, etc.), email is still a heavy hitter, projected to grow to 4.4 billion global users in 2023.
  • The average rate of return for $1 spent on email marketing is $43.
  • 2019 saw improvements for email marketing consumer engagement, and stronger numbers are anticipated for 2020.
  • Email supports goals surrounding brand loyalty, website traffic, marketing ROI and revenue through up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Prospects and customers are more likely to see an email vs. a social media post.

So, in a word, yes! Launching an effective email marketing strategy is worth it. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Email Marketing?

At its core, email marketing serves as a vehicle to further develop relationships with current and prospective customers.

It provides a great opportunity to drive increased recognition and awareness of your brand, deepen relationships with existing customers, promote your products/services and increase quality web traffic and user conversions through producing and sharing valuable content. A well-planned email and content strategy highlights your company’s best attributes and positions you as a thought-leader in your industry.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

In addition to the stats outlined above, here are some perks to championing electronic direct mail efforts:

  • The ability to drive awareness through targeted messaging and segmented list creation.
  • Strengthened brand recognition and authority through the sharing of valuable, actionable industry insights.
  • Proactive invitation for two-way communication, thus deepening relationships with existing customers and generating new business leads.
  • Avenue to share stories that humanize and bring the brand to life.  

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