Get It Together – There’s An App For That

Whether it’s time management or keeping up with your daily to-do list, life just tends to be a little more tranquil when things are organized. When you’re trying to balance it all –– work, kids, friendship and life in general –– it can be hard to keep tabs on things.

If you’re struggling to keep it all together don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are our team’s favorite apps to keep life and work on track.

Shelbe, Content Manager

As a mom, my life can sometimes be a little hectic –– more like organized chaos –– but contrary to popular belief, I’m the ultimate list person. That’s why Asana is my go-to app for staying organized (and sane). Asana is a project management platform that allows you to streamline tasks across multiple projects so that you never miss a beat. There’s an online version as well as an app which allows me to easily keep up with my tasks on the go. You can get real-time insights, track the progress of a task with the push of a button. I’m also deadline driven so each time that I meet a milestone or mark a task as complete, it makes my heart smile.

Raven, President

At Raven Creative, we’re responsible for managing marketing activity for multiple clients and performance reporting is an important part of our job. A tool I’m loving right now is Agency Analytics. The tool makes it a breeze to create customizable dashboards and reports that connect our client’s marketing data under one roof. Using Agency Analytics, it’s easy for our team to track activity and data metrics in real-time, understanding what’s working well across marketing channels and adjusting as needed.

Suzanne, Design Team Lead

Moment of truth? I’m not the most organized in the bunch, but when I am feeling a little too unsorted, with the flick of a wrist, I simply say “mischief managed.” I’m kidding! –– though it would be awesome. I actually just stick with my trusty Google calendar. I love that I can set up alerts and notifications for events, projects, meetings, tasks or to-dos so I never miss anything. I also love that I can invite someone to join my calendar –– almost like an accountability partner to help me stay organized.

Brenda, Account Manager

When it comes to staying organized, time is on my side! I rely very heavily on my clock app on my mobile device to help me stay organized. My day-to-day can be busy, but I love that I can set a timer to track my productivity on a project, use the stopwatch feature to track how long it takes me to complete a particular task, or set an alarm to remind me when it’s time to take a break. While it’s not your usual productivity app, my clock app keeps me focused on my daily goals keeping me free of distractions. When it comes to managing the Raven Creative team, I also love the Harvest Time-tracking App. Harvest helps us to understand what tasks are the most time-consuming when it comes to client work and is certainly a secret weapon in maintaining efficiency and productivity at work.

Kaylee, Junior Brand Coordinator

If you have a thing for spreadsheets, then, like me, you’ll love Airtable. Airtable is a cloud collaboration tool that allows teams to share data, tackle complex tasks with ease and customize your workflow. This modern-day Excel-like platform gives me a clear and concise view of my project tasks so that I can easily manage progress across the board. It also offers real-time tracking that makes team collaboration a breeze.