The Power of Workspace Branding

When the World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading Coronavirus a pandemic in 2020, it caused a paradigm shift in businesses worldwide.

Now, more than three years later, several employees are trading in their corner office spaces for a comfy corner in their residence while working from home. Workspaces as we know them pre-pandemic are over – a harsh reality.

While the widespread disruption placed remote work at the forefront for employees, it also gave organizations the opportunity to uncover new ways of optimizing their workspaces to give employees the best of both worlds. A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a decline in remote work: in 2022, 72.5% of businesses had little or no remote work. The staggering numbers suggest that in-office work is on the rise.

As the needs of employees continue to evolve post-pandemic, companies may find themselves asking ‘how can we reinvent the workplace?’ While the answer may be different for every company, one place to start is workspace branding – designing a workspace that aligns with company values, boosts productivity, builds pride and comfort among employees. According to a survey conducted by the Washington Post, more than 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before submitting a resume. 

Aside from the most obvious perks – competitive salary, benefits, paid time off and others – it’s important to create a working environment that breeds employee satisfaction. Here are a few ways that we’ve optimized workspace branding here at Raven Creative.

Location, Location, Location

Marketing your business through ads and social media is important, but your workspace is also an extension of your brand. It’s better than a brochure or sharp imagery on a website – it’s real life. That’s why finding the best workspace location is crucial. At Raven Creative, we’ve put a lot of thought into the location of our agency:

  • A Building that’s easily accessible for our team
  • Parking is a breeze
  • Nearby dining spots
  • Easy access to major highways or roads

While it’s not the first thing that you think of when you hear workspace branding, finding a functional location for your team is one of the most important steps.

Collaborative Workspace & Modern Furniture

Being in a workspace that reflects the core values of your business will help you get your head in the game. It’s a constant reminder of your “why” and reinforces to your staff that you care about their well-being. It also helps your customers connect with your brand.

When you step into our office, you’re met with a collaborative workspace, and smiling faces from our team. While we have fallen victim to the occasional frumpy couch in the corner before, in our new workspace, you’ll find modern space saving furniture with an open floor.

The Sweet Smell of Success

While it’s important to have a workspace that looks good, it should also smell good. Having an oil warmer or diffuser present can help reduce stress, purify the environment, increase productivity and improve creativity for your team. Our Aroma 360 diffuser is a staple for our Raven Creative team and offers captivating fragrances that elevate our senses and keeps our attention.

Branded Office Decor

The key to branding a workspace is to focus on its look, feel and basic layout rather than having to make costly and disruptive structural changes. Your company’s name, logo and brand colors are a major part of your branding and should be visible as soon as your employees or customers walk through the doors. It’s a visual reminder that you’re proud of your business and who you are.

We’ve been hard at work making our new location a workspace that our team can be proud of, and we have new wall décor to match. Take a look!

Natural Lighting

Lighting is also an important aspect to workspace branding, though it can be challenging. Optimal work lighting can boost motivation, productivity and satisfaction. For instance, dim lighting can potentially trigger fatigue making workers drowsy and unfocused. Desk lighting at individual workstations can create a sense of focus.

One of the best aspects of our new office space is the natural lighting. A study published by the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Health Journal, workers who are exposed to high levels of natural light in office spaces reported better quality sleep compared to workers who weren’t exposed to any natural light.

There’s no lack of natural light in our new nest and our very much alive and thriving office plants are a true testament to that.

Lunch and Healthy Snacks In-Office

Outside of a free t-shirt, branded stationery and catch taglines, although these are great ways to reinforce your brand, you want your employees to enjoy coming to work. At Raven Creative, our team takes snacks seriously. Simple things like keeping a fully stocked pantry, cold beverages, premium coffee and tea help to keep our team fueled and satisfied throughout the day. In office catering a few times a month always helps to boost morale among employees and build comradery.

Emphasizing these essential elements can help create a branded workspace that promotes employee motivation, raises employee morale and fosters a happy work environment.