Meet Our Design Team

The team at Raven Creative is a group of strategists, designers, writers, marketers, and dreamers devoted to helping organizations conquer their next big thing. With a mix of backgrounds that run the gamut from in-house marketing team, to agency, to non-profit, we’ve been in the trenches and understand that to meet your business goals, sometimes it takes the support of a partner that empowers you to take your marketing and creative strategy to the next level.

We partner with business leaders to provide strategic and tactical marketing and creative support to help growing organizations thrive. We are thrilled to introduce the two newest members of the Raven Creative crew to join us in that mission.

Suzanne Morgan, Design Team Lead

Suzanne Morgan Graphic Designer

As our Design Team Lead, Suzanne brings over 15 years of industry experience to the team, crafting bold designs and thoughtful visuals for Raven Creative’s clients. Her expertise in design has benefitted a diverse portfolio of clients, including the SuperBowl LIVE Committee, South by Southwest Conference and Festivals, and the New York Stock Exchange, to name a few.

Suzanne specializes in crafting sleek brands, data visualization, and event marketing, ranging from gala conceptualization for the Greater Houston Partnership to creating economic development campaigns and data-driven publications for the city of Houston.

Suzanne is a native Houstonian and holds degrees in both Graphic Design and Art History from the Art Institute of Houston and the University of Houston. In her free time, Suzanne enjoys baking cookies, practicing yoga, and running agility courses with her dog, a Miniature Pinscher mix named Duncan.

Q&A With Suzanne

Houston Designer at NYSE
Suzanne’s screen takeover design at the New York Stock Exchange.

How did you get into graphic design?

“I’ve always known I wanted to do something creative. I was a teenager when I first discovered graphic design as a career choice, and I knew right away that that’s what I wanted to do. I started my first design job two years into college and have been designing ever since!”

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

“My favorite vacation was to Oaxaca, Mexico. I ate some of the best food I’ve ever had and enjoyed some really innovative mezcal creations…like a clarified guacamole cocktail! Aside from the cuisine, I also enjoyed popping into the many local print shops to watch artists create block prints on-site.”

What’s been your proudest work accomplishment to date?

“In 2019 I designed a screen takeover at the New York Stock Exchange, promoting the city of Houston for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission. It was such a cool feeling to see my work on display on the trading floor and at the mayor’s bell ringing ceremony.”

Ashley Conner, Design Associate

Ashley Conner, Graphic Designer

As Raven Creative’s Design Associate, Ashley helps bring client goals to life through visual design. She has five years of experience in both Marketing and Design roles, designing for the food and beverage, hospitality, education and healthcare industries as well as non-profit organizations. She’s worked on everything from branding to web and ecommerce design to creating multi-platform ads for national brands. Ashley holds a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University, where she also studied photography.  When she’s not busy designing, she’s hanging out with her husband and two young boys, cracking open a new book, or watching Premiership Rugby.

Q&A With Ashley

What was the last book you read and why did you like it?

“I’ve been obsessed with the author Sherry Thomas lately. She has such an amazing talent for character development—she creates these realistic, very not-perfect characters that you sometimes are really disappointed in but ultimately are always rooting for. Plus, her stories always leave me feeling a bit more hopeful.”

What’s your coffee order?

“Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew in warmer weather and London Fog (earl grey tea latte with vanilla) in cooler weather.”

Where do you look the most for design inspo?

“I really like the blog Brand New to stay up to date with design trends and developments. There’s always good constructive conversation between designers, which is sometimes rare to find. That helps me consider things in a fuller context—rather than just visually—when working on my own designs. For visual inspiration, I follow other types of artists on Instagram, like florists, illustrators, and interior designers. I like to study how the principles of design are applied in other mediums. For example, trying to determine what makes something “work” in a floral arrangement might help me consider a new way to achieve balance in a graphic design layout.”

The Design Team in Action at Raven Creative

In their time at Raven Creative, Suzanne and Ashley have made their mark conceptualizing and designing exciting and diverse marketing creative for our clients including brand identity, digital advertising, websites and more. Ready to take a peek at what our design team has been working on? Take a look at our portfolio here.