Where We Go for Creative Inspiration – And Why It’s Not Just for Designers

One of the best and scariest parts of being a designer is the blank canvas – er, artboard. It’s full of hope and possibility and anticipation of what comes next. For the uninspired, though, it’s uncertainty and doubt.

But bless the internet, an eternally great source of creative inspiration, the uninspired feelings rarely last long.

We’re sharing our favorite resources today, along with why we believe it’s a great exercise for everyone to participate in now and again.

#1 – Pinterest

It’s not just for D-I-Y crafts we’ll never actually try! Pinterest is full of awesome design inspiration for nearly every industry, style, and project type you might encounter.

We have team boards for categories like Typography, Print Design, Web Design and Identities.

#2 – Behance

Adobe’s Behance is the design world’s version of Pinterest. Designers from all over the globe share their work and gather inspiration on this super-visual platform. You’ll also find curated galleries from industry giants like Pantone and AIGA, along with topical galleries like 2016 Design Trends.

#3- Creative Market

While Creative Market is actually a platform for designers to sell their work, it’s also a great library of design inspiration and we visit it frequently to see what’s trending i.e., selling. The Creative Market blog is also a great source of tutorials, information and design humor.


Design Inspiration – Not Just for Designers!

Jumping down the Pinterest hole is a great exercise for all marketers and business leaders to enjoy every once and awhile. In addition to the visual inspiration, we always find fresh and new strategies, tactics and information to test in the future, while keeping our finger on the pulse of our target audience.

Need some inspiration?

If you’re thinking about a new web or branding project for the new year, start a Pinterest board now and start collecting anything that catches your eye. Chances are you’ll start to see some trends emerge as to what you’re naturally drawn to – and can give your creative partner a head start once you begin your project.