Behind the Brand: What Did We Learn?

I mentioned last week that the day we launched was some of the most instant gratification I’d ever received on a professional goal. The response I received from many of you was overwhelmingly positive and so supportive of all of the work we’d be doing behind the scenes.

I only wish I would have taken my own advice sooner.

So what would I say to someone looking to build a business or refresh a brand? Here’s 3 big lessons I learned from my brand relaunch.

#1: Invest in Your Brand!

I’ve advised clients to invest in their brands, with unique identities and user-friendly websites. It gives us a platform to stand on that we’re proud of and that we have confidence in.

Investing in your brand gives you a platform to stand on that you’re proud of and can have confidence in. Click To Tweet

It also frees up our minds to focus on our businesses. I no longer have those little voices nagging at my mind, putting things on my never-ending to-do list to tweak or change. I’m not at all tempted to waste time tweaking the logo or changing up the site’s navigation. I’m free to focus on building my business.

#2: It’s Okay to Ask for Help!

I’ve told my clients that it’s okay to depend on an outside partner – to get help when they needed it. That we can’t all do everything all of the time, and that stepping back doesn’t mean you’re not going to be a part of what gets created.

At previous jobs, hiring a new, full-time team member was such a scary proposition. It felt so permanent and it changed the entire dynamic of the existing team.

Growing the Raven Creative team has been a completely different experience. I was able to “test-drive” team members with the projects we worked on for my own brand, and now I have full knowledge and understanding of what they can deliver for my clients.

More than that, though, I found that through stretching outside of my comfort zone and collaborating with great partners, we were all growing.

Collaboration leads to growth all the way around the table.

Collaboration leads to growth all the way around the table. Click To Tweet

#3: New Experiences Give Fresh Perspective!

For much of this process, I was on the client side of the table. I was seeking help for my own brand from other creatives.

Having that personal experience has helped me in how I relate to my own clients in that position now. I better understand their excitement and hope, fears and hesitations, and have a new set of tools to help us work through it all together.


So, what about you? Have you been thinking about launching something new? Or refreshing a brand that’s never quite felt right?

If so, my best advice is to make sure that you invest in doing it right.

Had I not spent time working through strategy and messaging (and adjusting and tweaking until that felt really right), I know for certain that the brand identity and website wouldn’t have hit the mark for me.

Find a good partner (or partners!) who can come alongside you through the process and help you think differently and accomplish more.