2021: A look back at our favorite projects

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s important to take a look back on all of the highlights your business has experienced over the past 365 days. Raven Creative has had quite a busy year, and with that has come the opportunity to help bring a lot of different client visions to fruition. We asked a few of our team members to reflect on what their favorite client project was to work on this year, and this is what they had to say: 


“I enjoyed working on the SafetyMed logo identity project because the client was very open to a non-traditional color palette to help stand out among competitors. It was also rewarding to help lay a foundation for a consistent brand identity for the future marketing efforts the company has planned for 2022 and beyond.”

Suzanne Morgan, Design Team Lead

Vaquero Midstream

“I enjoyed launching the new Vaquero Midstream website. The company had been around for several years and came to us looking for a fresh new visual presence in line with their recent growth. I thought that the secondary color palette that we established paired nicely with their brand colors.”

Ashleigh Sowyrda, Account Executive

Sustainability Report

“My favorite client project to work on was the Sustainability Report. I enjoyed getting to work on a longer format print piece and turning data into fun, easy-to-understand graphics.”

Ashley Conner, Design Associate

Allegiance Bank Social Media

“I really enjoyed strategizing for Allegiance Bank’s social media and news and insights calendar for 2022. Analyzing the performance of previous months and leveraging the data to figure out new ways to use social content to create community and drive users to the website has been a fun project. I am excited to see all of our planning come to fruition.”

Shelby Parks, Account Executive

Last but not least

We asked our founder, Raven Dreibelbis, what her favorite project was, and this is what she had to say, “I struggle to select a ‘favorite project’ because all of our projects are special to me in different ways. In 2021, we’ve been fortunate to take on exciting projects with new clients in the healthcare and technology spaces and to continue expanding our strategic support with clients in energy and financial services industries. It’s been a great year that has truly inspired me to look forward to an even better and brighter 2022.”