Our 5 Favorite Spots for Casual Business Meetings in West Houston

You’ve likely adapted to conducting a large portion of your business meetings over Zoom, and you’re maybe even wondering how and why you operated without it for so long. Virtual meeting technology has saved many businesses from closing their doors and provided an invaluable space for teams and clients to collaborate from a distance – and we’re all about it! However, when it comes to business development and networking, nothing can truly replace the connections that are made via face-to-face meetings. 

Our President and Founder, Raven Dreibelbis, launched into the new year with a fresh take on expanding her network and growing the business. Since we know that the best laid plans can turn upside down at a moments’ notice, we’ve learned to approach each week with specific, actionable steps that help us achieve long term goals. You may be familiar with this concept of micro-goals, practiced by the Navy SEALs and many successful businesspeople.  

Raven’s first micro-goal of the year is to schedule and attend at least three new business meetings a week, while staying safe and complying with city and government health guidelines. 

If you’re looking to get your boots back on the ground, here’s a list of our 5 favorite spots for casual business meetings near Memorial and Houston’s Energy Corridor.  

Sweet Paris
Image Source: Julie Soefer

Sweet Paris 
Great for: coffee, breakfast, lunch 
Seating options: indoor and outdoor 
If you’re looking for a craft coffee and outdoor seating, head to Sweet Paris in City Centre. This charming location tucked on a quieter corner is the perfect place to connect outside of the office. With plenty of sweet and savory menu items, we trust we can propose a meeting here at any time of the workday. 

Image Source: Leibmans.com

Great for: breakfast, lunch 
Seating options: indoor only 
A selection of homemade deli classics combined with unique imported and local provisions, makes this casual eatery a team favorite. As a bonus, we love taking a quick stroll through their market before we head back to the office. If you’re limited on time, we recommend scheduling your meeting a bit before or after the typical lunch hour to avoid a crowd. 

Flower Child
Image Source: iamaflowerchild.com

Flower Child 
Great for: lunch 
Seating options: Indoor and outdoor 
Looking for a place to accommodate your client or prospect’s 2021 diet resolutions? Head over to Flower Child in Uptown Park. Their farm-fresh ingredients and healthy menu selections will leave you feeling guilt-free and energized, whether you have dietary restrictions or not.  

The General Public
Image Source: @shopgirlblog

The General Public 
Great for: lunch, dinner, happy hour 
Seating options: Indoor only 
A laid-back atmosphere with a bit of sophistication makes The General Public a great working environment. We’ve even caught people with laptops open having quiet work sessions in the middle of the week. While you could head here for lunch or dinner, our favorite time to meet at The General Public is right around 3 or 4, so we can partake in their unbeatable happy hour specials.  

Kirby Ice House
Image Source: kirbyicehouse.com

Kirby Ice House 
Great for: happy hour 
Seating options: Indoor and outdoor 
We trust you know how to read the room. If you’re meeting with someone who likes to keep things casual, you can’t beat Kirby Ice House in Memorial. With a seamless transition from the 120 foot indoor bar to the expansive outdoor seating area, it is the perfect spot for happy hour networking.