Meet the Team: Becca

Meet Becca McPhail, our Marketing Coordinator!


Name: Rebecca Lauren McPhail

Title: Marketing Coordinator

What Your Title Actually Means:

As the Marketing Coordinator I do a lot behind the scenes to support the rest of the Raven Creative team. I’m responsible for drafting monthly client reports, scheduling newsletters, managing our content calendar, and taking notes during meetings.

Other Titles You Use in Life:

Wife, Daughter, Boy-Mom, Coffee Addict, Military Brat, Disney Enthusiast

How Did You Get Connected to Raven Creative:

Through our partner Paige Donnell at Paige PR.

Being Professional:

How did you get started in your career/area of expertise?

A prerequisite class at FSU quickly fostered a love for market research, which in turn led to my pursuing an M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications. My first few jobs out of school included everything from sales, direct mail, and contract negotiation.

What does being a creative partner mean to you?10570401_10204275302473754_1768999715255398077_n

I love that we pride ourselves on being partners, not only with our clients but with each other. To me, that means that we have the opportunity to use our talents together to create incredible solutions. None of us does any one task completely alone; there is always someone to bounce ideas off of and help us improve upon what we’ve started. It means support, and an opportunity to grow and learn.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Over a glass of wine and conversation with my husband, who is much smarter than I, and always ready to share his perspective and opinion.

Getting Personal:

What’s in your purse?

My purse still doubles as a diaper bag – so it’s a bit Mary Poppins-y at the moment. You’ll always find my wallet, cell phone, a bottle of water, diapers & wipes, a blanket, change of clothes for my 9-month-old, and a dump truck for my almost 3-year-old! Other oddities include a small stash of essential oils, earbuds, a kindle, and lip gloss.

What traditions or routines are important to you? 

When I think of traditions I think of the holidays, and specifically Christmas.  I love to cook, like A LOT of food –  I plan a big brunch, snacks for throughout the day, a light lunch, and then a big savory meal with a Buche do Noel for dessert.

I love making Christmas last all day so I try to have us unwrap our gifts slowly; that’s getting harder now that we have kids, though.  We usually have A Christmas Story playing on repeat in the background and by the end of the day I’ve finally seen the whole thing.  All in all it’s a day full of surprises, love, laughter, maybe a couple tears, and great food – perfection!

What’s your favorite app or tool for helping you do life?

My cold brew coffee maker. Life without coffee is no life at all.

Who inspires you?

My father. He is a constant reminder to never stop learning. He received his Doctorate last December and it was a joy to watch him walk across the stage.

What’s the last book you read?

I’m assuming Goodnight Moon doesn’t count? The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.

What TV boss would you want to work for?

Don Draper (Mad Men) or C.J. Craig (The West Wing)!  I’m saying Don because he oozes charm and confidence, recognizes talent, values customer interaction – and always has a good drink nearby.  C.J. Craig has just always been a favorite character of mine. The way she balances professionalism and intelligence with a witty sense of humor I love it – plus her nickname for the Secret Service was Flamingo! I mean come on that’s pretty great.