Why White Space Isn’t Wasted Space On Your Website

The dictionary defines white space as the “areas of a page without print or pictures,” but it is so much more than that. It’s a wayfinder. It’s a palette cleanser. It’s a reprieve from chaos. It’s sunshine on a cloudy day. Can you tell that it’s also kind of our jam? If we released an…

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Client Work: Delta Pearl

Our client, Shale Support, approached us with a new challenge. They wanted us to create an identity for their main product: sand.   We developed the name Delta Pearl. Delta refers to the region where they are operate. As their sand is a high quality white sand, Pearl seemed a beautiful way to highlight those qualities.…

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What Not To Wear – Brand Edition

Are you familiar with TLC’s What Not to Wear? It’s a makeover show where friends and family nominate someone to get a surprise makeover from two stylists in New York City, complete with a new hairstyle, make-up and wardrobe. What always broke my heart while watching the show wasn’t the way the subject looked before…

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