4 Questions to Ask Before Jumping into Social Media for Business

For many businesses, we’re still trying to figure out the best way to leverage social tools for our benefit. Can social media really help those of us in the B2B space? What if our sales cycle is long, and takes more than a few face-to-face meetings? Does social fit in our strategy?

Today, we’re talking about four questions to ask before jumping into social media – or if you’re already in (and wondering what you’re doing there), these four questions can help you start to navigate your way to success!

#1) What are your goals?

021517_QuoteI swear, I ask this question daily. Both of myself and those I work with. But there’s a reason why it’s so important. Our goals need to dictate why we do anything. If an action, task or budget item isn’t aligned with a goal, then what are we doing?

So, what are your business goals? Your sales goals? Your marketing goals? Chances are social media might have a place somewhere because…

#2) Who are you trying to reach?

This question is intended to help us clearly define our audience. When we carefully define that audience, down to a personal profile or avatar of our ideal customer, we can better understand where we might reach them.

As of Q3 2016, there are over 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users. Might a few of them be your potential customers? And social media isn’t just about Facebook – each network truly has its own profile of likely users, and those users have specific reasons for being on that particular network.

Additionally, you’ll find groups and pages across the networks dedicated to many professional skills or traditionally B2B-focused topics. Getting involved in those groups might be a great way to begin building a following for your own content.

#3) What do you want your audience to do?

This questions combines our first two – what are the specific action steps you want your audience to take, through social media, to help accomplish your goals?

Do you want to get them to your website so you can make them an offer? Do you want to recruit new employees? Do you want to grow your email list or contact base?

Defining these actions takes you one step closer to creating content that will help you accomplish these goals.

#4) Do you have the right resources in place?

A professional social media operation requires time and money – usually more than you’d expect of both resources. Content needs to be created, shared, responded to – over and over again. Social media management shouldn’t simply be tacked on to the job description of the youngest person in the office or the lady who’s constantly on Facebook anyways.

Understand that even at the beginning – especially at the beginning – social media management is a full-time operation. Many networks require an always-on presence, and it’s generally not something that can go on auto pilot.

Asking and answering these questions ahead of your social launch not only protects you against the amateur (and very public) fail of radio silence, it also ensures that your broader goals and objectives will be thoughtfully considered and actively managed as you grow your social presence.

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